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Every good businessperson recognizes that among their most valuable assets is their “human capital.” The attorneys at Dowell Pham Harrison (“DPH”) not only understand that, but have dedicated their practices to assisting employers and employees in all aspects of what can be, quite frankly, a complex relationship.

DPH attorneys actively work with their clients from the formulation of policies that comply with the myriad regulations and laws with which employers must comply, to protection from unfair competition, restraint of trade, government investigations, wage and hour disputes, and all varieties of wrongful termination or discrimination/retaliation claims.

From helping employers take steps to avoid the various pitfalls that can take away their focus from successful business operations, to navigating a client through arbitration, settlement, or trial, DPH lawyers have the experience and ability to allow businesspeople to do what they do best: succeed in their business.




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